Acts 29 Youth

We meet together for our 'Acts 29 Youth Club' on Friday nights via Zoom during term time, from 7:00pm till 8:30pm for anyone aged between 11-17. 


Our evening begins with time to socialise, say Hi to each other after a long week at school, have an opportunity to receive prayer or participate in many on-going games, such as our youth-hosted Quiz Nights. 

If you'd like to know more about Acts 29 Youth and the events that we hold, please contact Gary Coleman at

Acts 29 Youth hold a Christian foundation under Coton Green Church, which means we believe in the power of both God's Word, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit. 


We will often hold faith-based conversations, encourage our young people to discover more about the Bible, and will at times provide an opportunity for the youth to know God ministering to them by the Spirit.


We find that everyone responds to the presence of the Spirit in different ways.



- Feel an incredible peace in their hearts

- Shed tears as God ministers to emotional needs

- Laugh as joy is released in their lives

- If they are standing, may find they need to sit or drop to the floor when the sense of God's presence is strong


In all cases we will ensure that each young person responding is kept safe and comfortable.