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steve uppal - points to ponder

It was a privilege for us to share as a church today in Steve Uppal's videoed apostolic preach. If you missed it, or would like to listen again, you can find the service here.

The following are some questions to consider/ponder/pray over, stimulated by the preach this morning

Steve Uppal drew our attention to the fact that the current ‘shaking’ in our world is not the first, and that there have been others, symptoms of birth pangs.

How have you felt ‘shaken’ by the present and earlier shakings referred to?

What has the shaking caused you to do?

What do you observe in society as a result of the shaking? How might God be working in that?

Steve reminded us of promises in scripture that help to make us Revival Ready?

Which of those shared impact you most as you go back over them?


Share with others the way they have encouraged/strengthened/challenged/motivated you.

Steve shared that the shaking is to ‘wake us up’, and of the danger of the Laodicean spirit being in operation in our churches. Take time to pray and examine your heart, and the life of our church and ask, ‘how do I/we need waking up?’ Pray and ask the Spirit’s help. Perhaps ask someone else to pray with you over this.

‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’ – be deliberate in turning your eyes to Jesus – perhaps speak to your spirit by singing the words of the old song which we sung during our worship in the service

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in his wonderful face

And the things of earth

Will grow strangely dim

In the light of his glory and grace

Steve made three applications at the end:

- Make the most of every opportunity

- Make sure we are building our foundation on Jesus Christ

- Focus less on quantity and more on quality

Which of these do you most need to take to heart at this time?

Pray for opportunities.

Examine where your foundations are. Is Jesus your foundation, or is he an add-on?

Reflect on the quality of your Christian walk and service and determine to have a better quality walk that you might have a better quality in your work.

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