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questions to consider - revival ready

In Steve’s preach he referenced organization/facilitation of God’s work, illustrating this with reference to the origins of the Methodist movement under John Wesley. How you ever thought of these sort of methodical approaches overseeing the life and functioning of the church? How do you think/feel about it? Perhaps share your thoughts with someone else.

READ Acts 2:42-47

What things do you think you are devoted to in life, whether serious, or fun? Share with someone else and ask what they are devoted to.

For the early church they were devoted to four things as a result of their devotion to Jesus – devoted to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to breaking of bread and to prayer.

Would the word ‘devoted’ describe your feeling or commitment to any of these things? If not, what holds you back from that devotion? If it does describe how you are and function, what brings you to that place and how do you live it out?

If you were to put the 4 in order of your level of commitment and devotion, with the greatest devotion at the top, what order would you put them in? Having done that do you think you need to change any of your orders and priorities of devotion? Spend some time praying and asking for the Holy Spirit’s help to live this out.

Steve spoke about small groups being the model for living out our Christian life and growing in our walk with God and as disciples of Jesus. Given the current circumstances and restrictions from Government on gathering, if you were listed as part of a small group of around 6 people, how would you feel comfortable to engage with others, just by phone? Via video chat like Zoom (if you have the facility) Gathering outdoors socially distanced, whether in someone’s garden or elsewhere? Gathering socially distanced at the Coton Centre? Perhaps share with someone else your thoughts and ask them what they think.

Spend some time praying that we might be Revival Ready as a church, and that we all might be Revival Ready personally with a growing devotion to the Lord and his purposes.

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