• Steve Le Page

questions to consider - physical health

These are questions to ponder or talk over coming out of our teaching on Sunday 2nd August. Before considering the questions it would be appropriate to either read the notes on the teaching here, or to watch the service and teaching here.

READ 1 Corinthians 3:16,17 & 6:19,20

How do you feel about being the temple of the Holy Spirit?

Do you ever think about the implications of that?

Does being a temple of the Holy Spirit affect the way you live your life? Should it?

Steve talked about how as human beings we are body, mind and spirit, and how one part not being healthy can affect other parts. Have you seen this in your life? Is this your experience at this time?

Do you need to ask someone to pray with you about this?

READ 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Our spiritual walk with God is compared to an athlete in training to compete.

Do you ever think of yourself as being in training to compete for the Kingdom?

Do you need to put together a training plan of spiritual disciplines?

If we are tri-partite beings of body, mind and spirit and the health of one part affects the health of other parts, is there one part of you that needs some work, that needs discipline, that needs strict discipline to grow stronger, to be able to support the other parts?

Take time to share your reflections with someone else, to stand together and support one another in prayer. If there are things that you could do together to support one another in whatever sphere, plan to do so.

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