• Steve Le Page

Questions to consider - hearing God's voice

The following are questions prepared by Raine Ihalainen following his preach this morning Sunday 19th July 2020.

Before reflecting on these questions it would be good to either watch the preach on either our Vimeo page or Facebook page, or read the notes from the post, 'Hearing God's Voice', on the blog.

1. Am I in a close relationship with God that I can say He speaks to me daily?

If not, why may that be?

2. Do I take time to quiet myself and be still?

3. Do I read and study the Bible in order to examine that everything is in line with the Word?

4. Can I recall a moment when God spoke to me but I did not recognise it as a voice of God at the time?

5. What could be the practical steps to grow in hearing God’s voice?

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