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questions to consider

These questions to consider are based on the teaching brought on Sunday 5th July 2020, which can be viewed on either our Vimeo page, or Facebook page, or the notes of the teaching can be found here

These should either be watched or read to help in reflecting on the questions that follow.

READ Luke 5:33-39 & Matthew 6:16-18

When you think about fasting, what benefits can you see from it?

How often do you fast?

Ask the Lord how you should give yourself to fasting and spending time with him?

When Jesus spoke of patching an old garment, how do you think we can be in danger of doing that as churches?

Can you think of any occasions when we may have done that at times?

How do you feel about the idea of getting a new garment for us as a church (e.g. name change/change of charitable trust) as against patching up what we already have?

What feels good? What feels scary/unsettling? Perhaps take the time to chat your thoughts and feelings through with someone and pray together.

Jesus spoke about new wineskins to hold new wine. As we live with the anticipation of a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, how do our wineskins need to be renewed to absorb all he has for us? How do they have to be renewed in our lives personally? How do they need to be renewed in our lives together as a church to be able to welcome and establish new disciples?

Jesus talked about how people prefer drinking the ‘old wine’ and who say, ‘The old is better’. How can we overcome our struggles with change, so that we can move into what God has for us now and in the future, rather than hankering after ‘the good ‘ol days’? Share your thoughts and struggles with someone else and pray together.

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