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questions to consider

The following questions are for reflection on the teaching brought on our Sunday online service on 28th June 2020. You can watch the service on our Vimeo page or on our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can read the notes from the sermon here.

You might like to reflect on these thoughts and questions in your small group, or chat over with someone of your choosing

If you could be anywhere, or do anything, what would you most want to do right now?

Knowing that ‘our God reigns’, what does it mean for you to trust God through this time?

Perhaps share your thoughts on these things with someone else.

READ John 14:15-27

What does it mean to you to have Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit making their home in your life? If they were coming around to your physical home, is there any cleaning up that you feel you would need t do? Is there any cleaning up you need to do in the home of your life to make it a fitting place for the Trinity to dwell?

READ John 10:1-18

Have you heard the voice of Jesus, opening the door of the sheepfold to welcome you into his Kingdom?

How familiar are you with his voice?

Do you need to immerse yourself more in his Word to become more familiar with his voice?

Take some time to be still and to ask the Lord if he has anything he wants to speak to you today.

Welcome his presence with you and ask him to fill you afresh by the power of the Holy Spirit.

You may like to ask for someone else to pray for you.

If you sense God speaking anything to you, be sure to be in touch with someone else to share it with them.

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