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Questions to consider

Some questions and thoughts to take from our teaching on Pentecost Sunday 31st May 2020. You can read the notes on the teaching here, or visit our Vimeo page to see the teaching from the service. It is probably helpful to read the notes or watch the video before reading the notes below.


The coming of the Spirit was prophesied throughout Scripture. Take a few moments to think about promises that God has made in his Word. What promises mean most to you at this time?

Gary and Vicky Gavan shared of how they had felt God was fulfilling a promise he had made to them some years ago, after a long period of waiting.

Are there promises you are still waiting on God to fulfil? Perhaps share with someone to stand together for their fulfilment


When God makes his presence known it has an affect on our lives. Think back to times when you have known God’s presence in a powerful, or personal, intimate way. What did God do in and through you through that time?

Take time to be still and to welcome God’s presence with you now by the Holy Spirit.


The presence and power of the Holy Spirit is often felt and demonstrated, with both physical and verbal manifestation of his presence. Have there been times when you have known his presence in this sort of way. Would sharing of God’s meeting with you be a source of strength and encouragement to someone else? Think about whom to share it with.

Ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill you afresh now, to fill you with his power – power to be Jesus’ witnesses; power to operate in the gifts the Spirit gives


The pouring out of the Spirit was to make us all effective witnesses to the Lord Jesus.

Pray that as we come through this time of ‘lockdown’, and start to come out the other side that we would all be effective witnesses to Jesus and the wonder of his gospel.

May you know God’s promises fulfilled in your lives. May you know his presence and his power operating within you and upon you. And may you be able to step into the purpose for which he has saved you.

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