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Some things to reflect on from our teaching in Rooted to Thrive (4) - text on blog or video of service on Vimeo

You might like to reflect on these questions yourself. You may like to call or message someone to chat over them, or share them in any groups you are a part of, or in your ‘connecting’ group.

1. Rooted in God’s Word

What has most struck you in your own reading of God’s Word recently? What do you need to go back to and remind yourself of that he has spoken to you?

Is there anything that he has drawn your attention to that you should share with someone else?

2. Rooted in God’s love

Take time to reflect on God’s love for you. On Jesus’ love for you. What it cost him to demonstrate that love. How Jesus was obedient to his Father.

Is there anything that you need to do in obedience to God’s commands to show your love for him?

Perhaps share with someone, if appropriate, and pray together for the Holy Spirit to help you live it out.

3. Rooted in God’s joy

How do you think God wants to release his joy in your life?

What do you know of that joy at this time?

What might you need to do to step into more of that joy and see more of the fruit of the Spirit being lived out in your life day by day?

Perhaps share ways you know joy in God’s presence with someone else and ask how they know that joy too.

4. Rooted in the love of God’s family

Who do you need to thank God for at this time? Spend some time thanking and praising God for them and praying for God’s blessing on them. Perhaps think of dropping them a message or a card to say thank you and to bless them.

Who could you show love to at this time? Ask the Holy Spirit whom you should be in touch with to strengthen, encourage, comfort, and perhaps pray with.

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