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questions to consider


These questions relate to our service broadcast on the 15th May 2020

Notes from the service can also be found on the blog here

Steve spoke of being connected at the roots as a part of what it means to be a Christian and part of God’s church.

How connected do you feel at this time?

Are there ways you could send out more roots to be better connected?

Why not make a connection now, or after you’ve spent time in reflection and contemplation from this time?

Steve shared a prophetic word from Paul Wilcox. Speak it out loud as a proclamation.

‘Because I am God’.

I tell you the truth.

1. Because of the blood shed by my son on the cross

Coronavirus will be beaten

2. Because of my steadfast love

Coronavirus will be beaten

3. Because of the grace poured out on my people

Coronavirus will be beaten

4. Because of the Holy Spirit

Coronavirus will be beaten

5. Because of my presence, my great mercy, the peace that I bring and the faith that I give

Coronavirus will be beaten


6. Because of my Name and for my Glory coronavirus will be beaten

How do you feel after sharing in this proclamation?

Do you need someone to pray with you over some of the aspects raised in the proclamation?

Jesus said, John 13:34,35

‘A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’

How much do you feel loved at this time?

How well do you think we are doing as a church in loving one another?

How much are you loving others?

Ask the Holy Spirit what you need to do to live this out at this time?

READ John 15:5-17

How well do you think you are rooted/grafted into the vine of Jesus?

How much do you need to get better rooted into his Word so that you might bear much fruit – fruit that will last?

Spend some time in prayer with the Lord, seeking his help in all of the above.

Perhaps give someone else a call and share in prayer with them.

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