• Steve Le Page

Maundy Thurs/ Good Friday

First of Pastor's blog! Set up to share notes from Sunday sermons and to share some discussion questions to think about, chat over with others in our Connect groups, whether by phone, WattsApp/Facebook Messenger, or by group video conference. But, as a starter, just to bring you up to speed with our Easter events for today and tomorrow.

As we share in these events, we also want to share in national initiatives.

Tonight as Brian and Gill Johnson lead us in reflecting on Passover in our 7-11 Prayer Zoom session at 7pm (contact us for login link) we will be sharing in communion - please have crackers and wine/grape juice available to join in.

We will make sure that we give time to go to our doorsteps to applaud all those working on the frontline at this time, whether in the NHS, as Carers, as store staff, or in supporting industries.

Tomorrow on Good Friday as well as sharing in our time of reflection on the events of the first Good Friday, we also want to share in the National call for all Christians to go out onto their doorsteps at 3pm as an expression of faith and identification with Christ on the cross when he cried out 'IT IS FINISHED!' Believers are being asked to come out, sing the well-known hymn Amazing Grace, pray the Lord's Prayer and like Jesus say, 'It is finished' as we hope and believe for an end to this epidemic. We will make sure that we give the time to share in this, either at the end of our time of reflection, or as part of it. As Christians we are being encouraged to share this on social media with the following image file, perhaps changing our profile pics etc to it on social media.

May we see the fullness of God's blessing as we remember, celebrate, and declare the salvation events of Easter, and as we seek to see an end to the effects of Covid-19

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