• Steve Le Page

Easter reflections

Questions to consider

(and perhaps talk over and share with others)

What has impacted you most in your heart, mind and feelings over this Easter period from the Easter story?

What would you want to share with someone else from this?

The sorrow, grief and shock of Good Friday contrast hugely with the joy, questions and amazement of Easter Sunday.

We face similar extremes of emotion with the effects of the coronavirus – people moving through huge emotions as they face the shock of the situation, of loss, but also of joy for some, as people come out from the infection and recover.

Take time to pray for those known to you who may be going through these turbulent emotions.

How has the crucifixion and death of Jesus most impacted your life?

What has most affirmed and convinced you about the resurrection of Jesus, whether from experience or from scripture?

Spend some time in praise and thanksgiving to God for all that he has done for us in Christ Jesus.

Ask the Lord if there are any people that he would particularly have you share something with from the Easter story, or your reflections on it. Plan to do so. Maybe think about sharing about the Alpha course.

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